Contrary to what is sometimes said, natural stone does not by definition require difficult or intensive maintenance. The maintenance of natural stone is actually very simple if you bear in mind our maintenance tips.

Attention! These tips are very general. We also have a specific technical sheet for each material.

Tip 1: Make your choice

It is best to choose your natural stone based on your space or application. Particularly in spaces that are sensitive to stains and damp, such as a kitchen or bathroom, it is important to choose natural stone with the right wear resistance and porosity.

Tip 2: Limited use of water

When mopping or cleaning natural stone, always use a damp mop or cloth with the appropriate product. Hard scrubbing with lots of water is not a good idea. Gentle maintenance with a damp cloth will suffice.

Tip 3: Nourishment

To guarantee a good patina, natural stone also needs nourishment. Fortunately our maintenance products are ‘2 in 1': you only need one product to clean and nourish your floor.

Tip 4: Live and let live

The maintenance of a terrace, drive or wall in natural stone is very easy. The choice is to live and let live. A good downpour can do wonders!


Get started!



Once your floor or terrace tiles have been placed and grouted, they will need a thorough clean. A scrub with LITHOFIN POWER CLEAN will allow you to easily remove all grout haze, traces of grout and dust. Repeat until the surface is completely clean..

THE 2ND STAGE: Cleaning and nourishing

THE 2ND STAGE: Cleaning and nourishing

Simply add a dash of LITHOFIN WASH & CLEAN to a bucket of water and clean the surface with a damp cloth or mop. No need to rinse, the stone will absorb the residue. For maintenance of outdoor terrace and drives in natural stone, we recommend LITHOFIN OUTDOOR CLEANER after the winter months or as general maintenance.