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The right maintenance for each natural stone

The right maintenance for each natural stone

By choosing natural stone you are selecting a strong and durable material. It is important to carry out the right maintenance so that you can enjoy your natural stone for years to come.


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Brachot-Hermant Group commits even further to vertical integration

Acquisition of the production unit ADHL (Les Ateliers du Haut Languedoc) strengthens the position of the Belgian natural stone professional Brachot-Hermant Group in France.


Beltrami is putting its weight behind the Trustone Initiative

On Friday 10 May 2019, along with the entire Benelux Natural Stone Federation (FEBENAT), Brachot-Hermant Group (for the brands Brachot-Beltrami and Stoneasy.com) signed the Trustone covenant in the presence of the minister-president of the Flemish Government, Geert Bourgeois.

Trustone is a Flemish-Dutch initiative in which government bodies, trade unions, NGOs and the natural stone sector make agreements for more responsible production and purchasing of natural stone from high-risk countries such as India and China.


Beltrami and Brachot joining forces

Harelbeke/Deinze (Belgium). Effective 10 November 2017, the shares of the Beltrami Group, an international natural stone wholesaler with sites in Belgium (Harelbeke and Bruges), the UK and France, have been transferred to the Brachot-Hermant Group. The transfer promises to produce a stronger market position and an in-crease in scale both for Beltrami and Stoneasy.com and for Brachot. This attests to the continuity and on-going consolidation taking place in the natural stone and construction sector.


Trendalert! Let's talk Terrazzo

In reaction to the latest interior trends, Beltrami is now bringing back the vintage terrazzo look and feel with panache. Discover high-quality, sustainable marble mosaic slabs made of marble chips and cement binding agent in the new Beltrami Terrazzo Line (or BTL for short).


Beldeco: striking retro patterns

Colourful retro patterns are trending again! By combining the small natural stone tiles in the Beldeco series, you can create an imaginative play of sizes, materials, colours, textures and patterns that give your interior an exciting, unique and trendy appearance full of character.
Beltrami was inspired by the patterned tiles that were so popular in mansions and public buildings in the Belle Epoque. The Beldeco tiles can be used as floor coverings: for the entire floor or just part of it, as an eye-catching feature.
The result is a lively vintage looks that resonates perfectly with the current revival of the Scandinavian style.