Ethical Trade

Respect for people and the environment

We trade in natural stone, so we get our material from Mother Nature. Beltrami has made a conscious choice to give something back to nature: respect. All Beltrami natural stone originates from accredited, quality-oriented quarries. This ensures a top-notch product is made with care for people and the environment. Beltrami carries out its inspections itself: our specialists visit the quarries and experience for themselves how the stone is extracted. We always hear about things first hand.


Our ethical commitment

Beltrami wants to prosper together with their customers, employees and suppliers, but equally with those who work at the very bottom of the supply chain. More than simply engaging in philanthropy, we feel responsible for all stakeholders involved in the process of quarrying, producing and trading our product. We take this work very personally, and with the manager and son of Mr Herwig Callewier, Mr Bram Callewier, have pushed for ethical and sustainable trading on a variety of geographical and social fronts.

Child Labour Free Zones

Ever since 2009, we've been working to make hands-on changes to some of the most worrisome labour and living conditions in Rajasthan, India, where we source sandstones such as Kandla Grey, Fossil Mint, Autumn Brown and Raj Green, to name a few.

After extensive consideration, we started the "Child Labour Free Zones" project in 2013 together with the NGOs ICN and Manjari. Our goal since the beginning has been to make sure children have access to education, and that they are actually going to school rather than working. To do this, we took a community-based approach to revive existing but faltering structures, including local schools and clinics. Today the results show the approach is working and gradually changing attitudes. As it does, we're looking to expand this model to surrounding villages.

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