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Brachot-Hermant Group commits even further to vertical integration

15 oktober 2019

Acquisition of the production unit ADHL (Les Ateliers du Haut Languedoc) strengthens the position of the Belgian natural stone professional Brachot-Hermant Group in France.

Deinze/Montredon-Labessonnie (Tarn): On 30 September 2019, the shares in the French Les Ateliers du Haut Languedoc SARL (ADHL for short) were acquired by the Belgian Brachot-Hermant Group. This was done following an agreement with SETP Holding SAS (Comblanchien), which has also made concrete arrangements with Brachot-Hermant Group - besides the acquisition - to further intensify commercial activities in France. Both parties will commit to promoting local French stone in the context of a sustainable and environmentally friendly policy.

ADHL is a pioneering producer of outdoor and paving materials (cobbles - tiles - edgings - street furniture) on the French market. The acquisition fits perfectly into Brachot-Hermant Group's vertical integration strategy and will expand its position in the extraction and processing of natural stone in France (and worldwide).

ADHL (Les Ateliers du Haut Languedoc), located in Montredon-Labessonnie in the Tarn region, was founded in 1978 and profiles itself as a one-stop producer of French granite and other natural stone for outdoor use, roads and urban development, from tiles and cobbles to edgings and street furniture. The natural stone producer currently has about 30 employees. Ongoing investments in the modernisation and optimization of the machine park and storage units have given ADHL a remarkable flexibility and swiftness in terms of supplies, production and deliveries.

Now that it has been acquired by the Brachot-Hermant Group, ADHL will be joining a family-run holding with Belgian roots (in Deinze) that is active around the world in the extraction, processing and distribution of natural stone. Earlier this year, the Group took over the LS Granits SARL quarries nearby, which are operational in the extraction of four types of Tarn granite.

It recently took over the activities of the Rebillon quarry in Brittany as well. This was an extension of its quarrying activities for the French granite Rose de la Clarté, previously done by its own SAG quarry. In 2017, the Brachot-Hermant Group also took over the Belgian natural stone wholesaler Beltrami, with branches in Harelbeke (Beltrami NV) and Bruges (SDS Kasseien), which is mainly active in the distribution of tiles for indoor and outdoor use in the residential, project and paving markets.

The takeover of ADHL strengthens the Brachot-Hermant Group's business unit in paving and tiling. As well as activities such as the extraction and processing of its own bluestone (Kilkenny Limestone, Ireland), the Brachot-Hermant Group now also has its own granite quarries and production units in France for these applications.

The Brachot-Hermant Group is strongly committed to Sustainable Business. Aiming for Honest Local Natural Stone, it has established concrete arrangements with SETP Holding SAS in terms of the further marketing and promotion of the local French natural stone.