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Beltrami and ethical trade

24 augustus 2017

A recent study on labour practices in South Indian quarries resulted in a critical report called 'The Dark Sites of Granite' and published on Wednesday 23 August. Beltrami UK is mentioned with reports of risk of bonded labour and lack of health provisions for casual workers in two particular quarries. However, no child labour was found as well as wages and overtime were recorded to be correctly paid.

Despite our many years of active commitment to make profound improvements in our Indian supply chain, we obviously regret but also acknowledges that we still have a long road to go. As a response to the report, we will push for more transparency deeper down in our supply chain and continue to work together with TFT towards improved working conditions. Read more about the TFT Transparancy hub. 

Nonetheless, we would like to highlight that a lot of good work has been done already. Together with India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) and London Stone Ltd, we are working step by step to eliminate child labour in the production of sandstone cobbles. Over the past two years, we managed to take 600 children out of work and into school.

Read our blog on the website http://nochildleftbehind.co.uk/ to find out more about this project.